Welcome to Yellow Line

The Yellow line is the second longest line of the Delhi Metro system with length of over 48 Km, starting from Samaypur Badli in Delhi to Huda City Centre in Gurgaon, Haryana. The Yellow line consists of 37 stations out of which 17 are elevated and 20 stations are underground connecting outer Delhi, North Delhi, South Delhi and parts of Haryana.

The yellow line has links with the red line at Kashmiri Gate, Blue Line at Rajiv Chowk, Violet line at Central Secretariat and the line is also connected with New Delhi Railway Station and Old Delhi. Being a highly advanced line, the yellow line connects New Delhi Metro station with airport through Airport Express.

Yellow Line serves the citizens and daily commuters with its air-conditioned coaches which seem like a boon in the summer and reserved seats for Women and Physically challenged. The metro provides a safe, comfortable, and efficient mean of public transit to the people of Delhi. Travel on Yellow line of Delhi Metro with Ridlr. Get your Metro card recharged with Ridlr app and get to know the nearest metro station to your place. Look at the Yellow line Metro map and see which metro stations are you going over. Download Ridlr on your mobile and open it whenever you are traveling in Delhi metro.


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